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About Us

Where it all began...
In the early 1900s, Ellis Silverman emigrated from Latvia to Cape Town. A qualified tinsmith, he soon began working in Saldanha Bay at a factory making the tin cans that were being used to preserve rock lobster. In 1905 he partnered with a local boat owner, James Kasner, to establish the Saldanha Bay Canning Company.
Over the next 105 years, the company grew to become a recognised force in the canned fish industry. Today, the operating company, Saldanha Foods is still owned and run by the Silverman family.
Where we are today...
Major upgrades to the cannery, fishmeal plant and jetty were undertaken between 2005 and 2013. This paved the way for West Point Processors to receive the HACCP accreditation for health and quality in 2012 as well as the ISO 22000 certification in October 2013, making West Point Processors the first food processing factory in South Africa to achieve this.
Currently the factory has the production capability of 20 tons of raw fish per hour in the cannery and 50 tons of raw fish per hour in the fish meal plant.
The staff and surrounding community play an integral part in the operation and survival of the Saldanha Group’s fishing interests.  In turn, the Saldanha Group have invested back into their staff and the communities in which they live through a series of social and community initiatives.