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The Middlecut Story


The Middlecut Story…

Characterised by vertical stripes and deeply forked tails, mackerel is a common name given to various types of pelagic fish. Most, but not all, of the species in the mackerel family form part of the Scombridae family (which incidentally also houses tuna) and is a common name applied to as many as 30 different species. 

Quick and efficient swimmers, mackerel are able to streamline their bodies for increased swimming efficiency by retracting their gills enabling them to glide through the water at documented speeds as fast as 2.25m – 5.5m per second. Which is perhaps a good thing, as not only are they one of man’s favourite delectable staples, but are also voraciously consumed by their own neighbours with the likes of seabirds, whales, dolphins, sharks and even tuna and marlin being known to enjoy their meaty flesh. 

Ranging in size, with a whole mackerel weighing in at about 275g – 350g, these creamy and slightly salty animals of the sea are an important food consumed around the world and essential to a healthy diet. Rich in omega 3 and omega 6 oils together with essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals, these silver streaked fish are also an undisputed rich source of protein. With an abundance of health benefits ranging from brain and nerve development to anti-carcinogenic and improved immune system functioning, mackerel is also known to prevent heart attacks with some even going so far as to herald them as 1,500 times better than some medicines. Now believeit or not, it is easy to see why mackerel has a superfood listing to its credit.

So be it baked mackerel, fishcakes, salads or snacks – whatever your personal favourite might be, make sure to include some Saldanha Middlecut when embarking on your next shopping expedition. Not only will its strong delicious flavour have you coming back for more, but it is well evidenced that the inclusion of canned mackerel (as full of goodness as the fresh variety) in both your life and diet holds enormous health and nutritional benefits for you and your entire family.

So what else is left to say… except perhaps…. ‘Holy Mackerel’.

Saldanha Middlecut. Great taste. Real goodness.