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The Pilchard Story


The Pilchard Story…

Small, oily and silver in appearance, pilchards remain the cheapest and most available source of protein in South Africa and are a clear South African canned fish favourite.

With some classifying pilchards as the older and more mature members of the sardine family, and others according to size – the debate on what makes a pilchard a pilchard, and not a sardine, is sometimes a bit up in the air. But regardless, one truth remains constant. The enormous health benefits these silvery fish bring with them.

Did you know that consuming just a small portion of pilchards each day will provide as much as 13% Vitamin B2 and 150% Vitamin B12 of your RDA (recommended daily allowance)? And that’s not all. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and iron and with an abundance of health benefits to its credit, these guys are known to help prevent everything from heart disease to Alzheimer’s, whilst also regulating cholesterol levels and fostering healthy bones. They even assist with weight loss and are guaranteed to increase one’s energy levels and vitality.

And that they are found locally, removing any expensive import costs, is an added bonus. Adding a few cans of Saldanha Pilchards to your trolley next time you shop won’t break the bank or the budget, whilst ensuring goodness and healthy choices for the entire family.

Enjoy them at mealtimes or as a healthy inbetweener and with little or no sugar, pilchards are a perfect choice for diabetics looking for a treat or snack alternative.

Pick up some canned Saldanha Pilchards today – and get all the benefits of fresh fish… easily, conveniently and economically.

Saldanha Pilchards. The taste is in the pilchards …. Mmmnandi!