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The Sardine Story


The Sardine Story…

Not only have sardines been around for ever, but did you know that they were also the first fish to be canned? Dating as far back as the early 1800s, Napoleon Bonaparte set up sardine canning in order to ensure a steady supply of cheap and abundant protein to his people. And the same holds true for today. Over 200 years later, canned sardines remain a source of healthy and inexpensive protein for millions of people worldwide.

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, the regular inclusion of canned sardines in your diet will help prevent numerous potential health issues ranging from cardiovascular to Alzheimer’s. This whilst also regulating blood sugar, supporting proper nervous system functioning and playing an active role in energy metabolism by helping to convert your food into energy.

Part of the Herring family, small, oily, silver and soft-boned; sardines were originally found off the coast of Sardinia – hence the name sardine. Today, not only are they a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, but their impact on just our local economy alone is enormous.

From local fisheries which in turn employ thousands of people to the use of sardine oil in numerous industries, including paint, varnish and linoleum, these little guys not only take care of our health but do so whilst contributing to our country’s bottom line. And there’s more... The Sardine Run, a natural marine phenomenon taking place off the coast of KZN, sees the annual migration of sardines up the East Coast of South Africa, drawing interest and visitors from both local and international destinations and making it a great contributor to tourism during the KZN winter months. Not bad for a fish whose life span is estimated to be a maximum of three to four years and growing no bigger than 23cm. Known to ‘Live Fast and Die Young’, sardines sure leave a legacy to be proud of.

Delicious fresh, but most often canned, the methods of preparation are endless. From canap├ęs to salad toppings, crackers to stir fry or perhaps even with pasta, toast or scrambled eggs – whatever your preference – be sure to stock up on some cans of Saldanha Sardines. Easily portable and non- perishable, with a long storage life, Saldanha Sardines provide a tasty and healthy meal option for your entire household. Or enjoy as a snack… straight from the can… and feel their richness infuse your body with goodness.

Saldanha Sardines, a great foodie solution for… well any occasion really.

Saldanha Sardines. Great taste. Real goodness.